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DB-A Exam Attempt 1 7.50 ASPPA

DB-A Exam Attempt 1

This is an online examination. The registration fee is nonrefundable and cannot be postponed for a future enrollment. This examination must be submitted online 180 days after your initial enrollment. Upon submission of the examination, the candidate will receive immediate pass/fail feedback and a percentile score (85% or higher is passing). Candidates who successfully achieve a passing score will be awarded the DB-A Certificate.


Item Details: Resources and exams are available for 180 days following purchase date. CE credit: 7.5 ASPPA Credit, 7.0 ERPA Credit.


Once registered, all learning products can be accessed by logging onto, opening the Education tab and then clicking on “My Learning Activities”.

7.50 ASPPA Credit
7.00 ERPA
  • List Price: $240.00
Item Details:
DB-A Exam Attempt 1
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